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Keyfob Access

To access the space for the first time independently (not on a tour) you require a RFID fob, you can register your fob by following the instructions below. Fobs are available in the space by the registration computer opposite the entrance.

To add an RFID tag to your account to allow you to enter the space 24/7 click the gear icon next to 'Your Membership' and then click the 'Edit your Account' button.

Note your Fob Will Not Work Until you have completed this induction and ticked the box at the bottom


Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Your Details area, click on the white box under the text and scan your fob with the reader in the space (or any compatible phone or rfid reader you have lying around) to enter your fob UID then click Add a new fob to save this.

Mobile phone Registration

You can also use a compatible mobile phone to register a fob by simply using any 13.5mhz rfid tag, reading the id of that fob and entering it into the field below on the membership system

Access Code

The space can also be accessed with an access code. The code can be used at anytime, but is particularly useful if the RFID system fails, or you lose your fob and need to collect another.

Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Your Details area, click on 'Request access code' and your pincode will be displayed at the top of your profile when the page refreshes.


Note: New members must come to the space for a tour and to collect and register a fob before they will be able to request an access code.