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Improve, Maintain & Clean the space:

Every Hackspace Citizen plays a role in running the hackspace this includes helping keep it clean, helping to improve the space and helping to maintain it.

So how can you help?

  • At the very least tidy up after yourself!

However, we expect Hackspace Citizens to go that bit further and instead of just cleaning up after yourself how about:

  • Getting involved in Hack the Space Days - these are regular events where we work together to improve different aspects of the space, tidy and sort out areas etc. They are organised on an ad-hoc basis and if you have any improvements for the space feel free to use the forum to arrange an HTSD

  • Housekeeping - Things need to be done on a regular basis to keep the space tidy this includes hoovering the floors, wiping down the work surfaces, taking the rubbish out and generally tidying up. If you have a spare 10 minutes in the space help it out by completing one of the housekeeping tasks

  • Equipment Maintenance/Induction - Join one of the teams that look after specific areas or equipment and get involved in helping to maintain equipment, train users in its use etc
  • Run an event/club/course - Do you have skills you would like to share with others? Why not run a club or course or an event that bring members (and potentially non-members) together to do that. The Hackspace Outreach Committee and the Hackspace Manchester Board would eagerly support this.