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July 2015 - ongoing telegram discussions

Tuesday 21st

BC - a new sander from Clarke will cost us about £70 - I suggest we buy it from the equipment budget?

Ayes - BC, CH, TK, BD Absent - KR

Thursday 23rd

TK - » skippy talked to me about it last night, there is no free level of membership hence Stanto offering one of his events to us. Since we would have to pay for it in order to set up our own account we should see if it has a noticable impact for a couple of months and then revisit.

CH - nods

TK - Kat has apparently volunteered to be co-organiser, however, I'm happy to be the primary board contact as emails/online stuff are about all I can do at the moment.

KR - Agreed. We should set up a proper email account to be co-organiser

Wasn't suggesting me particularly, just an official email as stanto isn't a member let alone boardy

TK - Also having this not come from the board is a good thing as we're attempting to encouraging do-ocrasy :)

Promo team is something we should probably address.

@fluffybit @thinkl33t how do you feel about all of this?

BC - Promo sounds good, cab take care of merch and stuff too?

TK - Yeah.

Makes sense to package the whole lot together.

Are you happy with the test meetup thing?

BC - Yeah.

The last few open evenings have each had like 4 newbies too, we might need an organised way of dealing with them :)

CH - Sounds sensible enough

BD - what's the cost for

BC - $20/month

BC - Dear Bob,   I mentioned a couple of months ago about the proposed refurbishment of the communal areas to 42 and 44 Edge Street.   It is expected that the refurbishment will commence in October. I attach details of what is proposed. It will considerably enhance the appearance of the property.   Whilst your current lease doesn’t expire until 30th April 2016 our client has asked us to enter into negotiations with you now for a new lease. We can confirm that our client is willing to grant you a new lease for a further period of three years from 1st May 2016 at the rent of £9,750 plus VAT per annum. This works out at about £10 per square foot which is the going rate for accommodation of this nature in the area. Your current is £7,800 plus VAT per annum.   It is also intended that folloing the refurbishment, the landlord will arrange for the cleaning of the communal areas on a regular basis. The cost of this will be recoverable via a service charge. The annual charge for your property will be an additional £1,000 plus VAT per year. This will also include the costs of communal area electricity and fire alarm/emergency lighting testing and maintenance. This will be charged from the December quarter day.   I would be happy to meet with you at the property to discuss the matter if you wish.   I look forward to hearing from you.   Regards,   Ian

TK - er… no

KR - £1200/49 = £25 pw

BC - It'd basically be £1075 per month rent

TK - Still no. Not big enough.

KR - i was thinking the additional service charge £1000+vat / 49 weeks (easter and christmas deducted)

BC - Aye, It gives us a point of comparison though

August 2015

Monday 10th

BC - Proposal:  We buy and some tips for the space

its the same station i have at home, is awesome for  both SMD and giant-copper-cables-onto-bolts soldering

gets up to temperature in about 8 seconds

CH - Don't we already have a sexy soldering station?

BC - We have a fairly good one for SMD work, but the one we've used for general soldering for years is fucked

CH - Does the new one get used enough that it's worth getting the second? As it should be possible to use it for standard work

BC - it has a fine tip on it for SMD work, for heating bigger things people will knacker that almost instantly

CH - Ahh, ok

BC - I'd also like to look at spending ~80 on a new sewing machine maybe

CH - Add it to the wish list?

That one is supposed to work now (not tested it), and I doubt we can get anything better in that budget

BC - The thread tension is buggered, it snaps every time you try and use it apparenlty

Though i've not used it recently so dont know if someone has fixed it

CH - Ok, maybe I was wrong... that was the problem I was having, and was reported fixed

Maybe I test it at some point soon before putting it on the list?

BD - Looks nice

Saturday 22nd

BC - I propose we spend some of the BUGS! workshop money on new multimeters.  The ones in the space are all wank, and we can get a pair of pretty good Uni-T ones for under £100

KR - i'm happy with the suggestion for purchase

BC - are the exact ones

Ayes - TK, KR, BD, CH