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Present: all

Code of conduct & consequences for breaking it

CoC as at beginning of meeting:

We need to change the wording of Rule 1

Don't be Dick is problematic for a variety of reasons (amongst them):

  • it does not give any indication of what may be considered "dickish behaviour" therefore someone may find themselves in a position where they don't feel they can safely speak out against someone else's behaviour
  • in order to tell someone that they are breaking Rule 1 you yourself have to break it. There is no way of warning someone without insulting them, this is neither helpful nor conducive to the atmosphere we want to foster.


  • Don't be an idiot
  • Be nice
  • Follow the CoC
  • Don't be nasty to people
  • Treat people with respect
  • Be excellent to each other

Some of the stuff that is currently covered by Rule 1 will be moved to the new Health and Safety guidlines which will be written by CH.

Decision: Be excellent to each other (unless with come up with something better in the next few days)

Ayes: all

The CoC

BC - We need to add a sentance to the beginning to the effect of "We want our hackspace to be somewhere where people can enjoy making things in a safe harrasment free environment."

Public code of conduct:

(This is the bit that goes on the website)

Anybody in the space should be covered by the code of conduct.

Any member should be able to ask a non member to leave, including the guests of members.

Disputes between members, if a board member is present they get to make a decision about whether the member has to leave the space. If no board member is present any two or more members who have witnessed the incident(s) may ask the member to leave the space.

The police should be contacted as appropriate.

These bits will be added to the CoC and it will be exposed to the members prior to instigation on 01-02-2016.

Members CoC:

This includes the grievance procedure and will be available on the Wiki

New space

BC - I'm fairly happy with the new space, appart from the distance but we don't have a lot of choice.


  • Cost - we need to get a final price from Maria, the maths suggest that our final cost will be around £1500 which is more than we can afford at present, however this is in 6 months time - we will get 6 months at half rent so we will need to do a recruitment drive during that time.
    • we wont get so many passing members - do we really get that many at the moment? No.
    • we're not next to MadLab, however MadLab wont stop referring people to us
    • we may well gain members who can't access the current space
    • corporate sponsorship?
  • It's cold and damp and the inside of the space is filled with rubbish.
    • all of these should be fixed by the refurb
  • What happens if Maria goes out of business/gets hit by a bus/&c
    • we've asked for a clause in our contract passing the contract for the whole space to us and we will deal with subletting beyond that point


  • Bookmarks - BC to talk to previous designer AFTER move
  • Corporate sponsorship - discuss options
  • Arrange new space - all
  • Bring in CoC - all
  • Look at funding opportunities - TK
  • B&Q in the Community (Community Reuse) - CH
  • Get Trello to email when things are added to the list && set up as a way of adding things to the Trello list.

Departmental updates

Purchasing - CH/BD

CH - planning to work on:

  • the common list of consumables - what we buy regularly, how often we buy them and who we buy them from &c
  • snackspace

BC - Did you make a decision about which system you are using to allow members to report stock shortfalls?

BD/CH - Yes, trello.

BC - I think we can have it email when something is added. I will do that.

Membership - KR

58 members

48 of which are GoCardless, 10 are standing order

GoCardless is still being transferred to new account.

Infrastructure - BC/BD/TK

Haccess is ongoing, we have boards for it which Ben is assembling at the moment. The backend software is being sorted by BC & TK, delay has been caused by the space LDAP server dying. This has now been fixed.


No major changes.

Plugins have been updated to fix a signin problem.

TK added a plugin to make the sphere image of new space work.

Website email address has been changed to to deal with a reply-to fail.

Update on actions

Document how things work - all

Slowly splitting that off into department specific things which is making this task easier.

Business cards - TK

Still not done, will be done before we go to Maker Faire.

Micro-USB cables - CH

Done / we also have lightning cables in the same fetching pink.

Insurance!! - all


Chem cabinet - all

Get for Space 3.0

Risk assessments - all

CH - haven't had much chance to do anything due to exams.

Greg has offered to help.

Bank account (Barclays) - BC/TK

  • last payment for current space will come out of co-op future payments will come from Barclays
  • we're attempting to move GoCardless to the new account
  • talk to members who are paying by standing order and get them to transfer their payments to the new account
  • purchasing cards for account
  • transfer PayPal to the new account once it has money going into it
  • sort out online access for TK and KJ at minimum
  • BC setting up Barclays scrape thing that London Hackspace have written to automate standing order payments for membership and dump info into Wave every night


Begging letters (raised by CH)

Yes we should start asking for sponsorship however, we need to be cautious about who we're asking, for what and we need to avoid scattergunning.

We also need to be sure we can fulfil any requirements of the sponsorship before accepting it.

Minutes from last meeting (raised by TK)


Lone Worker Policy (raised by KR)

Lone worker policy applies to all tools with a "this is bloody dangerous" tag. We require this for our insurance to be valid. It only applies to these tools.

ACTION: We need posters in the space that let people know that if they use a tool they can seriously injure themselves with when they are on their own in the space they are breaking the terms of the insurance and hackspaces H&S Policy.

Date of next meeting