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NOTE: Italics signifies the status of an action or in the case of agenda items actions associated with the item at the end of the last board meeting.

Present: all

1. Approve minutes for last meeting

BD - Please fix the spelling of "lone"


2. New Space - contract &c

Action(s) from previous meeting:

  • Arrange new space

Contract (things that need fixing):

  • Unit No.
  • Company name
  • Date on licence
  • Company address - currently set to 42 Edge Street, check whether company address is fine to be 42 Edge Street or if we need to move the office back to Bob's house.
  • VAT - is this on top of the £1500?
  • Signs - do we need to send a letter to her asking if we can put a sign up outside and signs inside the building
  • Are we allowed to do things like put up shelves without written permission? We have plans for internal walls etc.

(Asside from CH - "But contracts are fun")

3. Departmental updates

Purchasing - BD/CH

Action(s) from previous meeting:

  • Get Trello to email when things are added to the list && set up as a way of adding things to the Trello list. Not yet done.

Infrastructure - BC/BD/TK

Haccess - A couple of boards are built, we have one working and reading an RFID card. By the end of the month we should have one that's viable for door access in Space3.

Membership/Haccess software - LDAP is working, we haven't set project structure yet.


Nothing to report.


1 down, 3 up on last meeting


  • KR to transfer GoCardless refs to membership records.
  • KR to ammend GoCardless login to use the board@email address.

4. Update on actions from last meeting

Document how things work - all

Slowly splitting that off into department specific things which is making this task easier.


  • TK - Business cards, to be done before MF Newcastle.
  • Bookmarks - BC to talk to previous designer AFTER move
  • Fliers / Posters to increase membership

Try and get a member to take over this responsibility?


Chem cabinet - all

Get for Space 3.0

Risk assessments - all

This has been started. Done so far:

  • Laser cutter
  • Mendel 90
  • MendelMax
  • Bandsaw
  • Lathe

To be done next:

  • bench top grinder
  • angle grinder
  • chop saw
  • table saw
  • pillar drills
  • scroll saw
  • air tools

Bank account (Barclays) - BC/TK

  • we're attempting to move GoCardless to the new account - DONE
  • last payment for current space will come out of co-op future payments will come from Barclays
  • talk to members who are paying by standing order and get them to transfer their payments to the new account
  • purchasing cards for account
  • transfer PayPal to the new account once it has money going into it
  • sort out online access for TK and KJ at minimum
  • BC setting up Barclays scrape thing that London Hackspace have written to automate standing order payments for membership and dump info into Wave every night

Code of Conduct - all

  • Bring in CoC - we feel like we're pretty much there with this. We need to re-release it for members comment. Aiming to get it "live" before the next meeting.


  • add do not mess with people's stuff to the CoC

Lone Worker Policy

  • We need posters in the space that let people know that if they use a tool they can seriously injure themselves with when they are on their own in the space they are breaking the terms of the insurance and hackspaces H&S Policy.

Any other business

Wiki pages for tools


  • CH to create stub pages for tools that don't have proper pages
  • someone to create a "pages that need work" page on the wiki to guide people to places where we need to improve tool documentation.

General space 3.0 meetings

First one set for 15-02-2016 focussing on the "craft corner".

The aim of this is to create groups who look after the various areas of the space. Fostering ownership of the hackspace within the membership and hopefully expanding the pool of people who look after the space.

To come:

  • Wood-workshop
  • Clean workshop - Electronics / 3D Printers / Laser Cutter
  • Extraction area - painting / resin casting / grinding / welding
  • Possibly – "Outdoor" things

Date of next meeting