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NOTE: Italics signifies the status of an action or in the case of agenda items actions associated with the item at the end of the last board meeting.

Present: BC, KR, BD, CH in attendance, BC proxying for TK.

1. Approve minutes for last meeting

BC, KR, BD, CH have approved the minutes from the last meeting.

2. Departmental updates

Purchasing - BD/CH

  • BC - Get Trello to email when things are added to the list && set up as a way of adding things to the Trello list. - setup not completed to email when consumables are requested - BC
  • slight over-cost purchasing of components, will keep on top of it - BJD

Infrastructure - BC/BD/TK


  • Barclays payments are now automatic - BC
  • Daily reports of membership payments are sent to BC and KR - BC


  • Walls now up around the workshop
  • Need a wider discussion on the layout of the space, as in the short term we won't be adding additional walls. Members have commented that putting up original wall plans will close it off
  • Need to continue to get members involved in physical infrastructure members have been taking this on, such as Fahad with the doorbell, plans for wiring, RW on the walls etc


  • Issues with the haccess nodes, the ESP8266 wouldn't talk to the infrastructure (but this bug seems to have been fixed), and red RFID readers seem to refuse to read many RFID tags
  • More RFID tags have been ordered, as we are getting low

Website - KR

  • upgraded, new API, working on automation - KR
  • BC wants to split VMs/docker, containerisation might be a good idea, needs flattened
  • MCP needs its own VM
  • Wiki and Website might need to be seperated
  • Need to 're-content' the front page as it's a bit old, just from the move - might be an ongoing job for one of the team

Membership - KR

  • Had a few new people, had a few leave
  • Standardised emails for Hello and Sorry You've Left have been drafted, edited and finalised. These will eventually be included in MCP functions.
  • These need to be stored somewhere other than hackpad, eventually github with MCP.

4. Update on actions/discussions from last meeting


Document how things work - all

  • KR has started on documentation of membership processes
  • Payments really needs to be documented for membership
  • Noting down pain points of the current system is useful for evolving the system and development of the MCP


  • Bookmarks - BC to talk to previous designer. - still needs to be done


  • Corporate sponsorship - discuss options
  • Need to show more projects. Can use the wall of the workshop to show off projects
  • Prestige projects event
  • Once a month event to show off projects, maybe prizes, Hack-a-day build
  • Promote documentation on the wiki, promotion on the site
  • Non-tangible prizes seem to be better - Hacker Of The Month, Hall Of Fame on the wall
  • Promoting membership rather than ourselves
  • Need to be more active on the sites etc
  • Look at funding opportunities - TK
  • B&Q in the Community (Community Reuse) - CH DONE
  • Not particularly useful, not ongoing further - was purely residential paints, which is mostly useless infrastructure wise at this point

Chem cabinet - all

Get for Space 3.0 - need walls first - Keeping eye on auctions. Still needed.

Risk assessments / Health And Safety Docs - all

  • No further work at this point - CH
  • Need to target Bloody Dangerous tools as a priority, and need to delegate that responsibility to members who have experience with those tools

To be done next:

Remaining on the list: - angle grinder - chop saw - table saw - pillar drills - scroll saw - air tools

  • Need to look at recording inductions and organising more people to do inductions
  • Need to add 'trimmed' HSE document to each tool wiki page where appropriate

Bank accounts - BC/TK

  • talk to members who are paying by standing order and get them to transfer their payments to the new account - NOT COMPLETED BC DOING
  • need to talk to Jez and Steven Choi about changing over
  • transfer PayPal to the new account once it has money going into it BC to action
  • didn't know the details of the paypal, KR taking over - BC
  • transfer PayPal to a useable email address and bring into use - BC
  • email address created - BC
  • BC setting up Barclays scrape thing that London Hackspace have written to automate standing order payments for membership and dump info into Wave every night - Done
  • TK writing letter to Co-op to update addresses - unknown status

Should we do a current account transfer on the Co-op account? - Need more information from Kimball, will forward on payments for five years

Wiki pages for tools


  • CH to create stub pages for tools that don't have proper pages STARTED
  • someone to create a "pages that need work" page on the wiki to guide people to places where we need to improve tool documentation. STARTED

Group memberships (to allow external groups to use our space) - CH

Everyone needs to have read: Group Membership Policy prior to the meeting.

Need to look at - Similar spaces - Room hire - What added benefits we can give above and beyond standard membership - What will be compatible with training, membership, access requirements

"Gold Members"

  • postponed to next month

Roadmap for the hackspace

  • Rolled into 2017 plan, needs more telegram discussion

5. The actual agenda

Expenses Policy (time limit / amount needed for board OK within / outside of budgets)

  • Time limit - mentioned within one month, claimed within 2 months
  • Board OK? - within the budget, that can be spent as needed
  • Budgets - no roll-over
  • Outside of budgets expenditure - all expenses must be pre-approved

Consumables/PPE policy (amount that can be spent in one go without the board saying OK, budget available per month)

  • £30 per month is still a sensible amount
  • Need to work more on noticing issues, getting consumables team, getting trello email sorted is needed (BC)

Teams - implementation

This will be the creation of self-contained teams, member lead and rather than purely board run. The teams will be phased in rather han created all at once, and we expect an amout of overlap in membership and responsibility. - Teams would end up with their own forum/telegram, as wanted and decided upon by the team - There should be at least one key board member leasing with each team - either as part of the team or as a point of contact - Teams should be frequently reporting to the hackspace to keep the groups accountable - the method of reporting will be on a forum basis, with an advised format (not required format, as a single format will not always be appropriate) - This will require setting up groups in the forum - Membership to teams is drop-in, drop-out, with no requirement for long-term commitment - Some teams will require an induction to get onto the team

Potential Teams:

Central Space Teams
  • Systems & Access - Team Cyber
  • Infrastructure
  • physical stuff - wiring, walls, plumbing, etc
  • Membership
  • Board
  • Consumables
  • Deals with consumable items, buying PPE, and snackspace
  • Meta
  • Communications
  • hello@hacman email address, first contact, twitter, social media, etc
  • Dealing with internal comms and the general public
  • Documentation
  • Wiki, etc
  • The Safety Team
  • HSE stuff
  • PPE management
  • First Aid management
  • Events team
  • Look at community events to have a stall at
  • Look at events that members want to go to
Area Specific Space Teams
  • CNC
  • Laser - Team laser Explosion
  • 3D Printers - Team Disappointment
  • Metal
  • Metalworking tools etc
  • Wood
  • Workshop tools etc
  • Electronics
  • Craft area - Craft Crew

Roles - Are people happy with their roles at the moment on the board and do they want to switch it up / take on more roles

  • Vice Chair - KR would like to be VC and help with chairing meetings

Events organiser - preferably not a board members

  • This should be part of the hackspace teams
  • Look at community events to have a stall at
  • Look at events that members want to go to


  • Kimball sent through records
  • Income is increasing, Oct, Nov, Dec
  • Better financially than we were expecting - 1yr funds
  • Need to keep increasing membership

2017 plan - what we should be aiming for space / membership wise in 6 months, 12 months etc.

  • Summer party
  • space needs to be useable
  • Basically a big open day, micro makerfair
  • Make Fest?
  • Need to discuss more in telegram

Meeting schedule - proposed schedule physical meeting quarterly, standups monthly

More standups? - Every two weeks - no requirement to be there, but preferable. - agreed by BC, KR, BD, CH Physical meetings - pre-meeting standup, departmental updates, actions from last meeting - this should significantly speed up meetings

Members system Update

Team MCP currently working on this. It needs BC/TK to spend some time hacking on it.

A better roadmap has been put in place, but the project needs work, however blockers are being removed.

Directors - inc Kimball as non-exec

Kimball voted in as a non-exec director - BC, KR, BJD, CH, TK in favour, none opposed

Rule Zero - the expansion pack (including lone worker policy)

Everyone should have read Health and Safety rules

Safety rules - largely happy as written, change rule 1 and rule zero to Directive Alpha and Directive Beta Last read-over needed, otherwise voted in - BC, KR, BJD, CH in favour, none opposed

  • We need posters in the space that let people know that if they use a tool they can seriously injure themselves with when they are on their own in the space they are breaking the terms of the insurance and hackspaces H&S Policy. NOT YET DONE

Insurance - we don't have any. This is bad.

  • Insurer gave quote, backer fell through due to postcode, has gone to two other insurers, BC to follow up

6. AOB


  • Discussed in meeting schedule section

Kitchen Area

  • The designated area needs area cleared
  • Landlady has unilaterally decided it's something we 'can' do rather than something that she will do
  • We are going to have to implement the kitchen area
  • We have water heater and other bits for kitchen
  • We need to create a list of what is needed - infrastructure

Increasing membership

  • Needs to be whole space plan, and what we are doing seems to be working