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2017 04 18

NOTE: Italics signifies the status of an action or in the case of agenda items actions associated with the item at the end of the last board meeting.

Present: CH, KR, BC, TK Apologies: BJD

1. Approve minutes for last meeting

APPROVED - BC/CH/KR (TK not present so abstained.)


2. Departmental updates

Purchasing - BD/CH


We need to look at the frequency and budget for snackspace.

Ben and Chris have discussed using a Haccess node with a cheap safe as a storage place for items such as Makro cards, to allow for more members to be able to do runs, and allow for these to be done more spontaneously.

Infrastructure - BC/BD/TK


Report not received as KJ is away however last month our GoCardless income was over £1000 for the first time ever.

Bank accounts - BC/TK

  • talk to members who are paying by standing order and get them to transfer their payments to the new account - NOT COMPLETED BC DOING
  • need to talk to Jez and Steven Choi about changing over
  • transfer PayPal to the new account once it has money going into it BC to action
  • didn't know the details of the paypal, KR taking over - BC
  • transfer PayPal to a useable email address and bring into use - BC
  • email address created - BC
  • BC setting up Barclays scrape thing that London Hackspace have written to automate standing order payments for membership and dump info into Wave every night - Done
  • TK writing letter to Co-op to update addresses - unknown status

Should we do a current account transfer on the Co-op account? - Need more information from Kimball, will forward on payments for five years


Haccess - really need movement on this. Garlicbread has offered to assist

Haccess prototype now working.

Website - KR

  • Front page needs a refresh

Membership - KR

Currently 79 Active Members 21 Signups since last meeting 5 Members have left 3 unsuccessful signups


  • Corporate sponsorship - discuss options
  • Need to show more projects. Can use the wall of the workshop to show off projects
  • Prestige projects event
  • Once a month event to show off projects, maybe prizes, Hack-a-day build
  • Promote documentation on the wiki, promotion on the site
  • Non-tangible prizes seem to be better - Hacker Of The Month, Hall Of Fame on the wall
  • Promoting membership rather than ourselves
  • Need to be more active on the sites etc
  • Look at funding opportunities - TK

Risk assessments / Health And Safety Docs

Passed out the Health and Safety rules to a small number of members on a pre-release basis to iron out any major issues or glaring omissions.

We now have a door hanger for the PPE, mainly for glasses and hearing protection, to increase visibility and ease of access - this should allow members to more readily access it and remember to utilise it, as well as hopefully putting the PPE away after use. This was needed as several pieces of PPE have been found laying about on the workbenches in different positions at different times, indicating that there was a need for the PPE to be kept closer to the tools that it's generally applicable to.

We have also been updating the hackspace wiki, slowly adding more tools as pages, which has allowed us to add tool manuals and will allow us to add Risk Assessments where we feel it's necessary. These measures should allow members to remind themselves of the risks and precautions to use when utilising tools.

3. Reducing the amount of unnecessary reporting - some of the things discussed during these meetings should in fact be dealt with by individual teams. (TK) APPROVED

Minimal reporting should be maintained for operationally critical functions e.g. major changes to infrastructure including e.g. walls, MCP, website


I believe it to be worthwhile to join these people:

I've been using their funding portal for a while but they've restricted it to members only - I've been searching back through my emails and just found the notification. I will, need details of the space in order to join us up.

5. Tool Maintenance (CH)

  • Tool breakdown recording Greg suggested whiteboard and Grandpa suggested bound book for long-term recording - Greg then suggested both would help compliance and visibility, CH agrees


We need a tool tag in/out system so that if tools are taken into the corridor etc this is recorded. Needs to have as minimal an impact as possible on the members.

  • Maintenance CH has read through the compressor manual and it suggests that there is significant maintenance required to keep it in good working order. This could also be true of other pieces of equipment - we may need to look at the manuals and start thinking about regular maintenance checks

BC suggests implementing Lean Manufacturing techniques for maintenance. Breaking everything down into a maximum 8 step process with a photograph and description of each stage on an A4 sheet, laminated and set next to each tool.

Wiki pages for tools

  • CH to create stub pages for tools that don't have proper pages WORK CONTINUING
  • someone to create a "pages that need work" page on the wiki to guide people to places where we need to improve tool documentation. WORK CONTINUING

Wiki pages created

  • Biscuit Jointer
  • Mitre Saw
  • ‚ÄéCompressor
  • Wood Pillar Drill
  • Metal Pillar Drill

6. Insurance

We need some.

ACTION: TK to contact previous insurer for quote.

  • Equipment inventory Need to keep this up-to-date, do we include tools loaned to us in the list with a notation? We need a central record of what is loaned, what is a member's tool, and what's the hackspace's - and a decent setup to differentiate that, keep a record, and make sure things don't accidentally lapse into general use without intent of the owner

7. Everyone should have read Health and Safety rules

Safety rules - largely happy as written, change rule 1 and rule zero to Directive Alpha and Directive Beta Last read-over needed, otherwise voted in - BC, KR, BJD, CH in favour, none opposed

  • We need posters in the space that let people know that if they use a tool they can seriously injure themselves with when they are on their own in the space they are breaking the terms of the insurance and hackspaces H&S Policy. NOT YET DONE

8. Additional membership types

Gold membership


Group membership


Everyone needs to have read: Group Membership Policy prior to the meeting.

Need to look at - Similar spaces - Room hire - What added benefits we can give above and beyond standard membership - What will be compatible with training, membership, access requirements

9. Outstanding actions

  • BC - Get Trello to email when things are added to the list && set up as a way of adding things to the Trello list. - DONE
  • Bookmarks - BC to talk to previous designer. - still needs to be done
  • Chem cabinet
  • Write ups of policies regarding consumables and PPE
  • Teams - any movement on this? - SOFTLAUNCH FURTHER WORK TO BE DONE
  • Events organiser - NOT YET

10. AOB