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2017 10 05

Departmental updates:

Purchasing CH:

  • We've kept snackspace fairly well stocked, but due to issues with stock and opening times we're looking at new options for cash and carry stores other than makro.
  • Consumables are being stocked fairly regularly.
  • We have started a purchasing team, and have openly documented budgets, and are working on the processes and procedures to make it as transparent and as easy to join as possible.

Infrastructure BC:


  • Moving forward now looking at January launch
  • LDAP integration almost complete
  • finalising MVP for release


  • Pretty close to finished
  • only one board built so far, need to get another couple setup
  • installation has started on the inner door


  • Team has been put in place to get the electricity sorted. Currently does not have a leader which is causing it to stagnate.
  • Richard and his dad are fitting the cable trays at the moment.

Alvin aka "fuck the doors borked again"

  • Alvin has been completely rebuilt and appears to be stable at the moment
  • We are still getting fantom reports from the door however
  • Annoying alarm has been fitted which sounds when door is open


Waiting for Bob to send Kimball the information he needs in order to update us about our financial situation. We will use this to re-create the cost of hacking page and from that generate a hackspace finances thermometer.


  • we have updated the front page of the website, it's all pretty and highlights the open evenings.




  • announce on 6-10 (day after board meeting)
  • nominations end 17-10
  • all nominees will be emailed on 17th so they have an equal amount of time to make the decision
  • existing board members are considered nominated by default and will be emailed at the same time as the new nominees to confirm that they are standing
  • 4 days decision making by nominees ends 21-10
  • 15 days open ends 5-11


  • historically
  • people say they want to stand and someone has to second them
  • people are nominated and they have to confirm that they're willing to stand

This year we will be going with the second option but with a fixed length of time for nominees to make a decision, if they haven't responded by the cutoff date they will be considered to not want to stand.


Insurance - we need some.


  • BC to look at why isn't going to the whole of the board.
  • need canonical list of members asap.