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Hackspace Manchester - Board Meeting Minutes

02 October 2018 / 18:30 / Manchester Central Library /

Meeting Started Approx 18:40 (Greg arrived late due to stagecoach incompences)

Present: Mike Bratt, Chris Hillard, Greg Morris, Ellen Pearce, Ross Stevenson

Appointment of Roles

Board appointed Greg as chair of meeting and organisation and Ross as Secretary.

Approval of Previous Minutes

Minutes of last board meeting (March 2018) were approved


Bank Mandate Changes: Agreed to initially amend the mandate to keep Chris (needs to check if on co-op account and if not add), Greg and Bob to allow for the organisation to do a switch service to transfer existing payments to barclays account. Once this is complete we will add everyone else to the barclays account. Action Greg to get completed form he has to start this process

Discussion on bus routes to the space took place

Retirement of Kimball: Kimball is retiring as our treasurer and has suggested that the board keep day to day accounts ourselves and get an accountant to manage the annual accounts preparation for companies house / complete tax return Action Board to find accountant and discuss best software to use for day to day accounts based on the accountant systems

Change of Snackspace Budget: Board formally agreed that snackspace budget runs to become £300, Action Ellen to look at creating a snackspace stock spreadsheet to monitor stock numbers

Discussion of area budgets: Board discussed area budgets for consumables & purchasing process Action Greg to update procurement list and put together a process for this for discussion by the board and appropriate teams


Company House Appointments: Ross, Mike and Ellen to be appointed to companies house as Directors Action: Ross will do this once he tracks down the E-filing number

Registered address - companies house uses Wellington Mill which is fine however a secure address is needed for the bank **Action Board investigate virtual office costs and if this is something we can tie in with the accountant services **

Board Development Session - agreed to host a Board Development Session preferably prior to the end of the year to look at what we want to achieve in the next year, 3 years and 5 years. Action Chris to setup doodle poll to find a date that work

Discussion on Halfords and Sheffield Stands takes place

Central Store for Documents - Google Drive already setup, should be shared with everyone


Membership process - looking at adopting Brightons Membership System (BBMS) which provides gocardless integration and other required features. In the meantime it was agreed that we would update wordpress with awaiting payment once the gocardless mandate has been sent to members and implement Conor's plugin Action: Ross to implement Conor's Plugin

Items raised by Membership / MMMM Outcomes

Newsletter - Good idea as long as it is truly opt in, agreed that first version would include a link to signup for it via mailchimp and published on the forum/telegram Action Ross to setup mailchimp account, Social team to work on first version by end of October

Training Process/Safety - Issues around no formal training in place for the woodworking area, agreed we need to put in a system for Red/Amber/Green on tools requiring safety and this can be implemented as part of the wider asset management system (BBMS) Board also agreed to implement a Learning Management System for training to include videos, documents and where needed assessments. Agreement on changes to lathe training to take time pressure off Greg. Action Ross will setup moodle as LMS, Teams will be required to assist with Training documentation.

Laser Reservation - Members agreed at Monthly Meeting to implement process of 24 hours notice on telegram/forum for the laser to be "reserved" for training or maintenance purposes. Board agreed to this being implemented Action Laser team to implement.

Fire Inspection

Electric Checks - We are required to get the electrics checked and a plan put in place for improving them as part of the fire inspection, This could be done around the time the electric will be off as part of the meter fixing. Action (possibly Greg as hes coordinating meter) Contact electrician and see if he can do this when we do the meter

Outside Corridor - this was raised by the fire inspector, agreed it would be clear when the lift is fixed and that we will paint floor to point out the area suitable for storage, possibly implement this with the member storage system of BBMS.


Trello - agreed to continue to use this for now, **Action Everyone without an account to sign up to tello and request access to hackspace organisation **

Blade Server - this requires further investigation in terms of the electrics and will form part of the mandate for the electrician as above.

Lathe - Board will source 4 digit lock for the Lathe Action - Greg?

Cataloguing our Various accounts/system **- Action Mike will work on this **

Meeting close 19:53


Action Responsible Person
Bank Mandate Greg
Accountant Board
Snackspace Stock Spreadsheet Ellen
Update of Procurement List Greg
Company House Appointments Ross
Virtual Office Board
Board Development Session - Doodle Poll Chris
Wordpress Plugin for Membership Ross
Newsletter - Mailchimp Setup Ross
Newsletter Social Team
LMS for Training System Ross
Lathe Training Process Greg
Laser Reservation Delegate to Laser Team for implementation
Electrical Checks - Contact Electrician Greg (Possibly)
Trello Those without Trello accounts to set them up
Lathe Lock Greg?
Catalogue of system used and logins Mike