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Hackspace Manchester Board Meeting Minutes

13 November 2018 / Follow on from Board Development Session / Philip Park Fire Station /


Bank Mandate Changes - Current Progress? - Greg goes aaaaaaah, Need new manadate created and signed by appropriate people. -

Accountant - Discussed progressed agreed to bring costs to next board meeting

Updated Procurement List - Progress? - Greg AAAH, needs to get round to doing it. Ideally sooner rather than later …


Set dates for next few board meetings - 11 December 18:30 - agreed to set others after each meeting


  • New Member System - Risk Management for when this goes live. - Greg suggested a solution in this regards and it was accepted

  • Member engagement and Involvement - discussion around how to engage members and get them involved more discussion to continue at later date.

Items raised by Membership / Follow on from MMMM

  • Move of MMMM to Every 2 Months (the Board need to note this, but it doesn't directly affect us) - Board noted this

  • Implementation of ticketing system for members to contact the board - Discussed earlier - action for me setup Meeting December 11th 18:30 (subject to availabity) - Central Community Fire Station as first choice - later agreed 19:00 due to availability of room