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Hackspace Manchester Board Meeting Minutes

5th February 2019 | Philips Park Fire Station

Meeting started 18:35

Review of Minutes from Last Meeting / Action Points

Minutes approved - Everyone Action - Greg to merge Pull Request


Bank Mandate - Progress - Greg goes aaaaah due to exams he hasn't yet been into Barclays Action: Greg to go speak to barclays

Accountant - Still work in progress

Maria Email - Chris made a mistake and overpaid this month's payment by about £250. Agreed to put this towards outstanding electrical bill Action Chris to email Maria


New Member Induction. - Discussion around using Moodle for new member induction where members fob's wont be active until they complete it. Board voted 5-0 to implement this / Amendment proposed to give current members 6 months to complete this and was agreed by everyone

Tool Induction. - Discussion around using moodle for tool inductions, this is currently a work in progress Board voted to make moodle our official training platform, agreed to get all trainers together to run through new training processes ACTION Rossy to arrange this

Citizen Hacman Agreement. - Quick review of the latest proposed changes to the rewrite of the rules and code of conduct. Board voted to adopt this new version with some small changes


23 Radium Street - Discussion on possible move to this location, Board voted to take this forward as our first choice of property and that a tiger team will be formed to manage the move including logistics, infrastructure, layout etc

Items raised by Membership / Follow on from MMMM



Open Evening Sheet Greg proposed idea of a sheet that outlined tasks needed to be done prior and after an open evening alongside a tick sheet of how people found the space so we can collect useful data Action Greg to create sheet

#MadeAtHacman Discussion around new members wanting to see things that have been created at the Hackspace. Agreed to purchase ikea display unit (and possibly Lack Table) to create a display area for members to display items they have created alongside an area for people to photograph items and post them to a gallery on the website/twitter/facebook using the #tag Action Rossy & Greg to implement/go to ikea (oh the hardship of that)

Member Complaint Discussion took place regarding the behaviour/actions of a member recently that felt violated the space code of conduct. Action Mike/Ellen to write warning email to the member in question

10 years of Hackspace This year marks 10 years of the formation of the Hackspace as Stockport Hackspace and then later HACMAN agreed that we should do something to celebrate this **Action Events team to look at an event around September **

Action Greg to create sheet

Next Meeting Next meeting date will be the 9th of April Action Rossy to book room MEETING CLOSES 20:20