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Hackspace Manchester Board Meeting Minutes

15 October 2019 / 18:30 / Hackspace Manchester

Meeting started 18:38

Appointment of Chair - Board unanimously voted to appoint Mike Bratt as the Chair of the Board

Appointment of Secretary - Board unanimously voted Ross Stevenson as the Secretary of the Board
Review of Minutes from Last Meeting / Action Points - Minutes not yet available (CH was doing them) board agreed to approve these via telegram when available Finance / Governance

The board agreed unanimously to create a new subcommittee for Finance issues. The Finance Sub Committee (FSC) will have 5 members including 2 board members and 3 others who are long standing members of the space (unless agreed otherwise by the Board) who will have the remit to look after the financial running of the space. This will include access to the bank account. The main reason for this is to ensure a continued line of authorised access to the bank account following a board election and limiting the number of times the mandate needs to be changed.

Action Point: - Members to be recruited for this Sub Committee

Board voted unanimously to appoint Grayson and Ellen to the FSC

Board discussed the terms of references for all subcommittees

Action Point: - Ross to draft Terms of References for each Sub Committee and new telegram groups to be setup for each Sub Committee

2018-19 Annual Accounts are due at companies house on the 31st of December and must be delivered on time.

Board voted unanimously for Mike to speak to engage an accountant to arrange for these to get done.

Board discussed and agreed to hold a strategic development session on the 8th December 2019 to set out the objectives for the year.

Action: Ross to arrange session PPE & Fire Review was carried out by Ross assisted by 2 members prior to the members meeting and a list of PPE and fire equipment was put together

Board voted unanimously to authorise the spending of up to £500 on PPE and Fire Fighting equipment

Action: Ross to share list. Grayson and Ross to setup new PPE stations.

Board discussed H&S in General, discussion on continued electircal works took place. Board voted unanimously that no further expenditure on electrical items will take place without an Electrical Plan for the next 6 months relating to the work needing to be carried out

Action: Ben to discuss with Adam and put plan together

Membership Board agreed to the deletion of old members Membership Data over a year old. Action: Mike to investigate ICO registration requirements Board voted unanimously to agree to proposals to raise new membership minimum charge to £12.50 from £10.00 and as part of this waive the cost of getting their first fob, existing members will also be asked to raise theres but will not be required to do so. These changes will take effect from the 1st of November 2019.
Discussion on inductions took place and the advancement of moodle. Action: Board to read Training & induction policy draft (Aug 2019) and trainers will be asked to fill in a short form and attend a meeting (TBC) Clean up of access to social media accounts to ensure only current members have access. - Delegated to the Social and Outreach Sub Committee Items raised by Membership / Follow on from MMM

Hack the Space Day - discussion on skips or man with van type removals, Action: Board to research options and make a decision prior to HTSD


Fridge - Chiller Fridge to have sign put on it saying no personal items and white fridge plugged in for Members items to be stored - Food must be labeled and anything unlabeled or past it Sell by date will be binned each week

Sink in Green Room - Agreement to get this working fully and then look at other sinks in the space

Board approved the purchase of more white paint for the space Action: Grayson to sort

Wood Lathe Risk assessment still requires sign off but need advice on it. Action: Ben to run this past someone and report back

Meeting Close 20:55