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Hackspace Manchester Board Meeting Minutes

8 December 2019 / 10:00 /

Meeting Starts 10:29 - Mike Chairing it (he forgot)

Minutes of Previous Minutes - Circulated after last meeting - Approval - Minutes Approved Governance & Finance

Bank Mandate - action Board Members as part of the FSC to get form completed and mandate changed, lets investigate options for change. Annual Accounts Update - Underway, should be completed for the deadline of the 31st of December / Awaiting Bank Statement thats needed - Action - Mike to Chase Sub Committee Updates -

Membership New Member Gaining - Discussion on Mosi event Membership Training - ALL TRAINERS must be current members of the space. AORB Asbestos Report - Key Findings - Board noted the findings Electrical Expenditure - Electrical Plan has been drawn up, Board agreed that no expenditure should be done without prior approval Board Chat & Decision Making Processes - Telegram chat can be quite busy at times, Board agreed to use this for decisions that require an instant answer and to move other decisions to agreed calls/video calls which can be arranged quickly.

Meeting Finished 11:00