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Induction - Training & Induction Policy & Process

August 2019



This document is designed to formalise the training and induction process for members for equipment and area of the Hackspace. It is produced as guidance for those providing training to members and to implement a structure for requesting, receiving and recording training


Each team (Woodworking, MetalWorking, Visual Arts, Laser, 3D Printing, etc) is responsible for designing the training/induction programme for the area or specific piece of equipment and updating the training module on Moodle (Which must be used for documenting all training resources). Alongside updating Moodle with induction sessions. Teams may choose to do this on an adhoc basis or organising regular induction sessions based on the availability of trainers. IMPORTANT: Whilst teams have the authority to create, edit and implement their agreed rules on inductions and machine use no team must make membership of any telegram group (or any other chat/social app) MANDATORY as part of the induction. This is to ensure those who chose not to use apps like telegram are not excluded


Member visit the Members System at and under tools and equipment selects the equipment that they wish to be trained on. Some equipment eg Bandsaw, Drill Press etc is covered as one training session under Woodworking Induction however this induction can be activated by selecting training on any of the equipment Once requested the member is automatically enrolled in the online induction for the equipment/group. They can access this by using their username and password for the members system on HacTrain at Member accesses the course which contains information relating to the induction alongside the Induction Scheduler for them to schedule a practical induction where required (e.g for woodworking, laser, 3D print) etc Member attends the training (passes it) and completes online course and is free to use the equipment.


Trainer receives email notification that a member has signed up for an induction Trainer login to Moodle and makes sure there is training slots available that the member can sign up for (Based on Trainer’s Availability) Once the member has signed up for a slot the trainer attends and inducts the member on the equipment. If member passes the induction, trainer marks this on Moodle as complete.


Both the trainer and inductee must make every effort to attend any training session arranged. Both parties agree to give each other 24 hours notice to cancel.
Trainers and Teams must ensure that Moodle is updated with training availability regularly