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Tool out of order kit

If you find or believe a tool to be a safety issue please use this kit to “lock” it out of use

Step 1:

Open Kit, you should find a cable tie, a plug cover an A5 out of order sign and these instructions…

Step 2:

Unplug the tool and place the plug into the case contained in this kit. If tool is not powered ignore this step

Step 3:

Secure the case with the cable tie

Step 4:

Securely attach the out of order sign to the piece of equipment and leave the tool out of order kit next to the item in question.

Step 5:

Report the issue using the Hackspace Helpdesk at

Step 6:

FOR TOOL MAINTAINERS ONLY - if you have checked the tool, fixed the tool or deemed it to be in working order. Place the plug lock out back into this kit with a new cable tie and rehang on the wall.