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Who to Contact

The Hackspace is entirely member run, so for most things you'll want to speak to regular members. For some issues you may want to speak to the board, who are elected members. They only deal with the critical and business stuff. For everything else, the community is who to ask.

Telegram group chats, or the Forum

The Forum is a good place to post things, we have different categories for the different areas of the space. You can also use Telegram for things requiring a fast answer.

  • Issue with Equipment / maintenance required

  • Training / Induction on equipment requests

  • General Enquiries to the Membership

Hackspace Forms

We have a couple of google forms which forward your filled form to the correct team:

  • For H&S Issues eg report a near miss, report an accident, broken tools, etc. please fill in this form which will be forwarded to the relevant team. This is the QR code link shown around the space.
  • Issues with other members, rule breaks, inappropriate behavious please fill in this form which can only be seen by board members. If you wish to make a complaint about a member of the Board, you can find individual board member's contact information on the notice board in the space.


Some issues may require contacting the board, for example:

  • Any critical issues with infrastructure (Digital eg Members System, Hackscreen) or the physical space eg electrical issues, issue with the door etc
  • Membership issues of a private nature.

General Enquiries

For all other enquiries contact, this may include:

  • Social Media

  • Community Outreach

  • General Membership Issues

  • Events

  • Members Storage

  • Members Meeting

  • Anything else related to Members