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Angle Grinder


We have an angle grinder in the workshop. This is used for making cuts in metals. This is to be only used within the weldy / grindy area, NOT the main metal work area, we have to avoid any particles entering into the lathe or milling machines.


There is a packet of spare discs in the box with the grinder, as well as the spanner for changing them. Remember that the discs wear with use - if you're doing a lot of cutting (or cutting through something very tough) and thus using a lot of discs, it would be polite to replace what you use


  • Find a way to fasten the part down, ether by clamps or vice
  • DO NOT use the grinder in the main metal work area, only the weldy grindy area next door.
  • Make sure to use the right type of disc for the job (don't grind with a cutting disc)
  • Wear lots of ppe, Gloves, Impact Googles, hearing protection, mask if grinding anything that would generate dust
  • No lone working
  • Don't overload / burn out the grinder by pushing it too hard (this happened with a dewalt one we had)

Risk Assesments

Last update: November 5, 2022