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Sewing Machines

Currently, we have a Lervia 564 sewing machine, and a Singer 4423 Heavy Duty machine arriving soon. Users that are not competent at using a machine are required to take an induction, as much for the machine's safety, and that of your fabric, as your own.

Lervia 564 sewing machine

A LIDL-bought sewing machine, fairly basic, and usable - a good starting machine.



Singer 4423 Heavy Duty

This machine is a heavy-duty machine, and is more of an 'advanced' user machine. Some reviews quote it as going through upto eight layers of denim without a problem, and the machine is even able to cope with thin leather.


Quick Start guide - <File:SingerQuickStartGuide4432.pdf>

Full Manual - <File:Singer4423Manual.pdf>

Service Manual - <File:Singer4423ServiceManual.pdf>

Risk Assessment

Sewing Machine Risk Assessment

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