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This page includes a list of consumables for Welding.

This list is open for members to update, however changes should be sent to the welding area co-ordinator for approval.

If in doubt check with the welding area co-ordinator before buying.


Item Machine / Tool Notes
Welding wire 0.6mm XTM 201Di Inverter MIG
Welding wire 0.8mm XTM 201Di Inverter MIG
20L Argon 5% Gas Bottle XTM 201Di Inverter MIG



Hackspace Manchester doesn't provide grinding consumables, so you are free to bring your own discs, however they MUST BE 115MM discs and suitable for the task at hand.

The following is a list of recommended discs for grinding and cutting:

Item Machine / Tool Notes
115MM (4.5") Grinding Disk Lumberjack 820W
115MM (4.5") Cutting Disk Lumberjack 820W