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Pillar Drills

We have one Pillar Drill in the wood workshop

  • Manufacture: Clarke
  • Model Number: CDP5DD
  • Asset ID: xxxx

We have a Clarke 'Metalworker' Pillar Drill in the workshop. It is one of the bench mounted tools in the workshop. It can drill most materials but is primarily used for wood.

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This machine is owned by the Hackspace. Please treat the machine with respect and do not abuse/mistreat it.

Status & Operation

  • Location: Woodwork (WoodyDusty)
  • Operating: Yes
  • Training: Woodwork - Basic Training & Safety Induction
  • Lone Working: Allowed
  • Primary Material: Wood


The Pillar Drill is typically used to drill holes in wood, however the machine can be used for other materials. This drill has a chuck with a maximum diameter of 13mm, a drill depth of xxxmm and an adjustable support table that can be repositioned to suit user requirements. The drill has an operating speed range of 545 - 2530 RPM. General guide to drill size & speed:

Material 545 950 1470 1980 2530
Wood 31.75 25.4 22 16 9.5
Soft Metals 17.5 12.7 12 8.75 5.6
Hard Metals 12.5 9.5 6.4 4 2.4

(Soft metals = Aluminum, Brass, etc.) (Hard metals = Steel, etc.)

The Pillar Drill is mounted on the main workbench with the height set to allow for the surrounding bench to be utilised for support. Built into the work bench is T-slot track that allows members to attach various accessories & stop blocks to the benches. Members are reminded to ensure that when drilling, the workpiece is firmly clamped in place.

As standard the space stocks a variety of drill bits for use with this machine. Damaged and broken bits should be reported to the Woodwork Team so that replacements can be acquired when necessary. The space may have received specialist bits via donation over time, however these will not be replaced if damaged. Members requiring specialised drill bits not currently at the space will need to source them themselves.


This machine is included in the general WoodyDusty Training & Safety induction, this can be completed either in person or via the Moodle course:

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The training will cover the following: - Usage of the machine including workbench accessories - How check & identify the drilling speed - How to change & replace the drill bit


When using the Pillar Drill PPE is mandatory and the dust extraction should be running. - Eye protection - Ear protection (recommended) - Dust mask (recommended)

Loose clothing should be secured and loose jewelry should be removed, long hair must be tied back. Do not use gloves when operating the machine as they may become entangled.

During an emergency, if the workshop safety switches are triggered the machine will be disabled as power to the workshop will be stopped. Only board members have the ability to restore power to the workshops after these instances.

Risk Assessment

Pillar Drill Risk Assessment

Induction Docs


Clarke Manual


Periodic maintenance is overseen by the Woodwork Team. Issues & faults can be reported to them though the WoodyDusty telegram group chat "Got Wood?". ~insert link to chat