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Table Saws

Scheppach Evolution
Model No. TS 2500
Asset ID
Location Woodwork, Freestanding Woodwork, In Storage
Status Operating Backup
Ownership On-Lone On-Lone
Training Induction Induction
Lone Working Forbidden Forbidden
Materials Wood Wood

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Scheppach Evolution
Model No. TS 2500
Diameter 200 mm / 250 mm
Bore 30 mm
Typ. Kerf 1.7 mm
Mitre L/R 0° / 45° 0° / 45°
Max Cut xxx mm Thick xxx mm Thick

As standard the space stocks replacement blades for these machines as listed on the consumables page. Damaged and broken blades should be reported to the Woodwork Team so that replacements can be acquired asap. If members wish they can buy specialised blades for the machine using the dimensions listed in the table above.

Scheppach - TS 2500

This table saw is a full size freestanding machine. It has a precision ripping fence with turning fence rail, cross-cut/mitre gauge, saw blade guard, suction connector, push stick, push grip, assembly tool.

The optional sliding carriage table runs on triple sets of ball bearings in a torsion-resistant guide rail with a double round-rod guide. The related guide rail is available in two lengths: 1,400 mm for maximum cutting widths of 700 mm, and 2,000 mm for cutting widths up to 1,300 mm. It is recommended that members utilise the sliding carriage when performing cross cuts as it provides support when feeding material though the saw and allows users to keep hands away from the blade.

Evolution -

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These machines require extra Training to use and are included in the WoodyDusty Table Saw Training & Safety Induction, this can be completed either in person or via the Moodle course:

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The training will cover the following:

  • Usage of the machines including accessories used with the tool
  • How check & identify the installed blade
  • How to change & replace the blade
  • How to trouble shoot issues with the machines


When using the table saws PPE is mandatory and the dust extraction should be connected and running.

  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Dust mask (recommended)

During an emergency, if the workshop safety switches are triggered the machine will be disabled as power to the workshop will be stopped.

Risk Assessment

Table Saw Risk Assessment

Induction Docs


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  • ~ insert Evolution manual ~


Periodic maintenance is overseen by the Woodwork Team. Issues & faults can be reported to them though the public WoodyDusty telegram group chat Got Wood?

Last update: March 8, 2022