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We have a bandsaw in the workshop. This is used for making long straight cuts in sheet material, like acrylic or plywood. Please don't use it unless you've had a safety briefing - it is very easy to accidentally injure yourself with it.

The bandsaw will fill up with dust internally over time, so please open the case and hoover out inside periodically.


The bandsaw has a replaceable wooden insert in the table. If this is too loose, wobbles, is chipped, or has an excessively large hole, it may need replacing. There are spares in the blades box, but if they have all been used, you will need to make more.

  1. Obtain some 6mm ply. Cut into 50x50mm squares.
  2. Smooth the edges on the sander, to remove the rough parts. If the blanks are slightly too wide, correct this now.
  3. Round the corners of the blanks - the disc sander is good for this. This does not need to be perfect, but needs to be done or they will not fit.
  4. Set the fence to be in line with the edge of the slot, and with the old insert in, make a cut until the new insert aligns with the old. Do not cut the blank in two.
  5. Place the spare ones in the container in the blades box. (It is significantly easier to make lots at once)

Elu/DeWalt Bandsaw DW738

  • Power input 760W
  • Cutting speed m/min 330/800
  • Motor speed min-1 2,800
  • Max. cutting height 155mm
  • Max. cutting width 310mm
  • Table size 380 x 380mm
  • Table inclination 0 - 45°
  • Overall height mm 970
  • Overall width mm 510
  • Overall depth mm 660
  • Weight kg 23
  • Fuse - 13A

Replacement Blades

This tool takes 2095mm long blades.

For the blade width

  • Small blade = 4.7625mm (3/16")
  • Average blade = 9.5mm (3/8")
  • Big blade = 12mm (1/2")

Ideally the average size one is the one we use 9.5mm (3/8"). You might find a smaller one in the blue box

Supplier of Bandsaw blades


<File:Elu-EBS3401---B-BANDSAW--(EBS3401---B-Type-1-)-illustrations.pdf> Exploded diagrams of the bandsaw

<File:Dw738_eur.pdf> Manual for the DeWalt 738 bandsaw, a re-branded variant of our elu 3401 bandsaw


  • Wear eye protection - hot debris in the eye is not pleasant
  • Wear ear protection - this equipment is loud, and use without hearing protection can cause or exacerbate hearing loss.
  • Do NOT wear gloves, unless specifically sauitable for this equipment - gloves will provide no protection against a bandsaw unless specifically reinforced.

Risk Assessment

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Last update: August 22, 2020