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Each item listed on this page is supplied with an identifying image and serial plate image where possible


TODO: Surely we have more soldering kit?

Power Supplies

  • Thurlby 30V-1A dual supply
  • BSI PSM 2/5A dual supply
  • Tenma dual supply

TODO: PSU plugtop supplies?

Surface Mount

TODO: Later, Sundance?


  • Van Draper Electronics 10MHz function generator
  • Feedback FG601 function generator
  • Hameg HM203-6 20MHz analogue scope
  • Hameg HM302-7 20MHz analogue scope

TODO: Multimeters etc?


  • A variety of helping hands and clamp devices
  • Reels of single core cable, some solid, some stranded in a variety of colours and gauges.
  • Tweezers of varying sized and types, including surface mount tweezers
  • Snips
  • Strippers
  • Crimping tools
  • Desoldering tools, flux pens etc.

TODO: More?

PTH Components

  • A large selection of resistors
  • Some capacitors
  • Some inductors

TODO: More?

SMD components

  • Loads of reels, do we need to name them all?
  • Solder paste

TODO: Flesh out

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Last update: August 13, 2020