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Laser Inductions

You need an induction to use the laser cutter.

To arrange an induction give us a shout on the Laser Training Telegram Group or on the forum. If you don't get a response just give us another poke, we may have missed it.

The induction includes setting up your computer to use the laser, instruction on how to use the software, and using the laser in a way that is safe to you and the machine itself.

Members should feel free to re-take the induction at any time, and if you don't feel you can safely use the laser cutter then you are encouraged to sign up for a reminder class before using it.

Things you need:

£2 to cover the cost of the induction

Things that are good to have:

A prepared design to cut, in .svg format, there is an example below (this should have a bit to cut, a bit to mark, and a bit to engrave; we will be using fill colours to designate what/where to cut, so strokes will be ignored)

A laptop with Inkscape/Visicut installed (don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can use a computer in the space)

Helpful wiki pages:

If you have any questions before the induction please do ask, likewise if you want any advice/help with your design. We like to keep the designs cut during training quite small, preferably about 5cm by 5cm, so bear that in mind whilst designing anything!

There’s no need to bring any material to cut, but you are more than welcome to. We have plenty of scrap acrylic/ply/mdf and can offer an A6 piece of ply for the first cut.

If you are caught using the laser in an unsafe manner you will have your access revoked and will be required to take a new induction in order to be allowed to use it in future.

Example SVG File

SVG file used dinoroar 1.jpg|Example of the resulting cut dinoroar 2.jpg|More examples dinoroar 3.jpg|Even more examples!

Laser Trainers

  • Bob
  • Chris B
  • Egg
  • Joo

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Last update: August 22, 2020