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2014-05-21 Added air assist nozzle, ran air assist tube to top right, soaked + cleaned bed, cleaned lens Bob
2014-05-26 Added cable chain for air assist tube, added inline connector for lights, replaced cable to i2c display with proper shielded one. Bob
2014-06-23 Took out FFC and cut off / replaced the end of it at gantry end to get X axis moving again. Re-crimped endstop connector at LAOS end because crimping was rubbish. Bob
2014-06-26 FFC connector had failed - Replaced FFC entirely with ribbon cable and adaptor boards designed for CNC machine. Should be a lot more sturdy, but is currently ziptied to base of X axis motor until I think of a better plan. Might design specific board for it. Bob
2014-07-17 Trained Tas + Ruth in Laser Maintenance, Did full clean and re-align of laser Bob
2014-07-23 X axis was stalling out due to insufficient current. Increased the amount available to both X and Y Axis motors Bob
2014-07-28 Changed PWM Minimum to 20/255 instead of 40/255 to prevent charring on engrave. Tas
2014-10-26 Upgraded firmware to laoslaser-26-10-2014.bin - should fix engraving errors where the end of a line gets a little line on it. Bob
2014-11-09 X axis stepper driver was overheating. Turned down current slightly, ziptied fan pointing to it. Ordered DRV8825 based stepper drivers to replace. Full clean and realign. Bob + Tas
2014-11-15 Drilled the X axis offset spacers to 2.5mm, tapped to M3, to replace the m2.5 screws that sheared off. Levelled bed and dropped it a bit to correct focus. Bob + Tas
2014-11-25 Replaced X axis opto endstop with microswitch. Fuck opto endstops. Bob
2014-11-29 Reduced cutting speed & belt tension to stop stall out on fast moves. Realigned and Relevelled Bob + Tas
2014-12-12 Swapped out stepper driver on X axis, changed config to double steps/m (32 microsteps instead of 16), adjusted stepper driver power. Tas
2014-12-12 Built new cable to test stepper directly from driver. Still had issue. Switched around drivers, still had issue. Tested motor separately with no belt, X axis motor is fucked. Replaced Motor, restored original stepper driver + config, halfed steps/m because new motor goes twice as far per step. Rebuilt and did basic realign. Still needs full realign. Wept. Bob
2014-01-31 Replaced tube, rebuilt and cleaned X-Y axes, added new mechanical endstop to Y axis to replace shitty opto flag. Replaced feet with rubber feet. Bob
2015-02-21 Tightened X axis belt to reduce wobble. Bob
2015-02-21 Unkinked coolant tube - laser is now at full power. Bob
2015-03-04 Replaced mirror that had EXPLODED! Bob
2015-03-11 Replaced grub screw that had fallen out of carriage. Chris
2015-03-14 Changed microstepping on X and steps/mm value to be the same as Y - makes motion far smoother. Cleaned bed because it was setting on fire. Bob
2015-03-22 Remounted pump to hang from cable ties, reducing vibration passed on to frame & laser. Ruth
2015-03-29 Cleaned lens on X end, showed Simon D how to do it as he's making a lot of rubber stamps. Bob
2015-07-28 reattached the x axis drive belt and adjusted the location of the air assist. Tas
2015-07-30 Installed new mirror and set alignment. Chris
2015-08-16 Replaced the pump with a new one. It is far quieter. Yay. Bob

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