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Safety Precautions

Please follow these safety precautions when using this machine, and again, DO NOT operate this machine if you have not been trained, or do not feel confident with it.

  • Do not get your hands anywhere close to the blade, push-sticks only.
  • Do not try to use the table saw like a bandsaw it's for straight cuts only, don't try to curve anything
  • Never remove the riving knife
  • Always try to set the blade height just above the height of the wood (not too high)
  • Only push the wood away from you in the correct direction
  • Safety googles / PVE etc is required (possibly ear protection if you want to be fussy)
  • Try to keep your body out of line of the cut if possible
  • Make sure your not cutting through nails or screws, especially on the wood planer, this could damage the blade

Last update: August 22, 2020