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Tools Wishlist

This is a list of all the tools we'd like.


Wood Lathe

Wood lathe would be awesome! However it makes a lot of mess, and is pretty dangerous if misused.

Price: £100 - £300

Hand Plane

Used for smoothing edges on wood - we need a decent sized one, we have a small one at the moment.

Price: £25 - £50


Powder Coating Gun

Would allow us to powder coat metal parts, which would give them a corrosion resistant finish relatively cheaply - although we may or may not need a small oven to bake them, depending on whether the hackspace ex-solder-oven is still functioning.

Price: £130 amazon set

Sandblasting Cabinet

Contains the mess from blasting pieces, and allows for medium re-use.

Price: £70-100 for a 90l

Casting furnace

Induction, heating coil, or charcoal. Induction/coil can be used inside with extraction, charcoal needs to be outdoor.

Price: £250-600

  • Chris
  • Ruth
  • Richard - I like the idea of a induction furnace for the cans, but the power supply for it would need to be looked into before buying anything (typically mains outlets are only rated for 13A)

Vacuum Former

Because stormtrooper costumes. That's why.

Price: ~£100 for a DIY one, £50 - £200 for an ex-school one.

CNC Tools

Large area CNC

One of the devices that might come in useful is a large area CNC like the xcarve / shapeoko 3 / openbuilds ox I've seen a few youtube videos of people that have got the xcarve for free by doing a review on youtube It may be worth sending out a few begging letters

Goo Printer

High resolution DLP 3d printers are pretty awesome, as long as people treat the resin with a suitable amount of respect. I have a LittleRP at home (can do up to 7cm x 5cm x 11cm prints that cost about £500 all in, and I have the electronics for a second one if people are interested in building it.

Cost: £300-£2000

Scanning Electron Microsope

How about an SEM Scanning Electon Microscope Might be a tad expensive, although some of the really old ones on ebay look actually supprisingly cheap $2000 - $6000 + vat and delivery, plus running costs (I think it takes a week or two to get the main vacuum chamber down to a suitable level)


New Oscilloscopes

Not sure if we need a new scope in the space since we already have at least one old digital one on the shelf. But if we ever decide to get one of the new digital ones with signal decoding

  • One of the more common ones recommended on EEVBlog as a cheapy is the Rigol, since it can have a lot of it's features turned on via firmware hacks, there are DSO and MSO models for capturing digital lines
  • For the DSO £282 - £680
  • Rigol Link
  • The more expensive pro ones are the Tektronix which seem to have better refresh rates
  • Richard

Hand Tools

Long screwdrivers

Good set of carving chisels - £25

Textiles Wishlist

T-shirt printing stuff

Vinyl Cutter and Heat press would be a good combo for this.

Price: £170 for Vinyl Cutter, £80 for heat press.

Batik Kit

Wax heating pot, several tjanting 'drawing' tools, fabric dye of different colours, pile of paraffin wax.

This will allow wax to be drawn on material to resist and stop dye from flowing into different areas of the fabric, allowing for crisp white lines to permeate sections of bold colour, and give strong designs.

Price - £80 for the heating pot, we have three tjanting tools already.

Embroidery Machine

A sewing machine on steroids - they can sew specific patterns of embroidery onto fabric, make patches, and more. The really good ones even hook up to a PC.

Price - £1000 for a good model, hopefully less second hand

Knitting Machine

Sadly, our old model was impossible to get the spare part it needed to work - so we're on the hunt for a donated or second hand model.

Crafting Wishlist

Small spray-paint compressor

Far more manageable for smaller paint projects, easier to manage, and cheaper to run in paint costs and electricity. Decent ones can be had fairly cheaply from ebay and china

Price - £50

Microwave Glass Kiln

Some crafters may well be interested in doing glass-work and jewelry, this could open us up to the more 'etsy' market of users.

Price - ~£100 for the kiln, £50 for the 'non-food' labeled microwave

Leather Working Tools

Price: Around £40

Vibratory Finisher

"They are good for polishing stuff"

Price: Around £150

Hydro Dipping

Things needed for a full setup:

  • 36l Really Useful Box (maybe with cheap tap installed for emptying)
  • Spray activator
  • Blank hydrographic film
  • Blank film sealer

This works out to be roughly £100 worth of materials and equipment, plus an inkjet printer that could handle 'pigment' inks rather than dye.

A HP Deskjet 1510 (cheap, has scanner, and linux compatible), plus a continuous ink system and pigment ink should run to £100, but will give us a solid new photo printer with a low re-fill ink cost.


  • Small photo booth
  • Rotary table - stepper controlled?
  • Camera
  • Cheap tripod

Black and white film developing kit

Equipment, a small darkroom setup, and chemicals, for doing black and white photo development.

Why? You can't easily develop colour film, and we might be able to bait some hipsters into joining the hackspace. Unless the're all still using polaroids.


Last update: August 22, 2020