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Wood Pillar Drill

This drill runs at the correct speed for drilling through wood and similar materials. Its speed can be easily adjusted by changing the belt position in the top compartment.

Power Craft DP500

Rating plate information:


We advise users of the drill press to:

  • Check the machine is in safe working order before using it
  • Tie back long hair, remove loose jewelry, and secure loose clothing before using this equipment
  • Safely and securely clamp work before drilling it
  • Do not leave the key in the chuck
  • use the guard attached to the drill
  • Not use gloves when using the drill (there have been incidents where this has caused injuries by pulling hands into the drill)
  • Be aware of swarf, and raise the drill bit occasionally to allow the swarf to break away
  • clean up and inspect the machine after use


Last update: August 22, 2020