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Wood lathe

We have a Draper wood lathe in the woody/dusty area. This is a work in progress and is not yet fully ready for use.

When completed it should be able to turn projects on a faceplate or between centres. There is an aspiration to add a four-jaw chuck for projects that require a chuck.

This lathe is for wood projects. For metal/plastic projects, see Myford_ML_7_Lathe


We have been unable to locate a PDF manual for the Draper lathe, but the following manual (for a Clarke CWL12D) appears to describe an identical tool.

<File:Clarke> CWL12D.pdf

To do list

To get the lathe in safe use:

  • Add a lock to the front door of woody dusty, clear the secondary door, add sign to secondary door that it cannot be blocked

Longer term aims:

  • PAT test.
  • Fit a power switch that is locked via the key used for the "lathe in use sign"


  • Acquire and fit suitable chuck (alex)
  • build bespoke table (alex)
  • build dust extraction (alex)
  • draw warning line on floor (alex)
  • Complete risk assessment.
  • Assign tool trainers. (alex)
  • Re-mount lathe closer to edge of bench. Completed 21/04/18 by Richard
  • Machine and fit brass pin to allow tailstock to be fixed in place. Completed 19/04/18 by Greg and Stewie
  • Acquire suitable PPE. Completed (Bob)
  • Carbide tooling

Pledge Drive

There is an ongoing pledge drive to acquire carbide tools and face shields.

Pledges/Wood Lathe Startup

Essential dimensions

  • Headstock and tailstock taper: No.1 Morse Taper
  • Faceplate/chuck fitting: 3/4" x 16TPI, right hand.
  • Maximum work length: 37" (between centres). Less if using chuck/faceplate.
  • Maximum work diameter: 12".

For further information, see manual.

Risk Assessment

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Last update: August 22, 2020