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44 Edge Street Exit procedures

Details of Departure

We are looking to hose Pack the Space day on Saturday 23rd of March 2013. This gives us a week after for the "Bits we've missed"

Stuff that we need to do for exiting 44 Edge Street

  • Remove RFID Readers
  • Plug hole of RFID readers
  • Remove network from power trunking
  • Remove Wifi Access point and trunking
  • Find a place for the self-sealing stem bolts
  • Snip internet cable at 44 end
  • Snip internet cable at Madlab end
  • Remove internal internet cable
  • Fill holes from internet cable
  • Remove the geocache sign and repair any sticker damage
  • Separate the saucer section
  • Disconnect Alfred from intercom
  • Remove second intercom handset (the one in the space)
  • Remove the Disabled Intercom access button
  • Remove snackspace floor tiles
  • Prevent warp core breach
  • Dismantle the metalworking bench
  • Remove Magnet items from ceiling

Things that need to stay

  • 4 x folding tables
  • 2 x folding benches

Things that need discussion

  • MadLab Chairs
  • Fridge


Last update: August 22, 2020