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Haccess.png Hackspace Access Control/Card Entry Sentry System (HACCESS) is a series of access control nodes spread around the hackspace, used for access to machines that require special training or an induction. And also to turn the coffee pot off.

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The plan is to eventually to replace the isolation switches on the benches and the kitchen worktop with HACCESS nodes, so that we can have a HACKSPACE OFF button by the door, and monitor what is on / off from the interweb. The user will come up to a device they want to use and press the green button. If the device needs RFID, it will ask for it to be scanned, if not it turns on. Each press of the green button while authenticated adds 30 minutes to the timer, so you go to the bench, press green twice for an hour. If its getting close to the end of the timer, the beeper starts beeping, and the user can press it again for another 30 minutes.

Ideally, the HACCESS nodes would also let us mark people as trained. So a trainer presses a blue button, scans their RFID, then scan someone elses. The second user now has access to that machine.

Ooooh the buzzer could play the countdown tune and flash its screen towards the end of the session.

Basic Design

  • FM1701 RFID reader
  • 5110 LCD Unit
  • 3 buttons
  • Buzzer for alerting
  • esp8266 WiFi comms
  • 2x Status LEDs
  • Output Devices, any of:
    • Opto Coupler
    • FET
    • Relay
    • SSR
  • Sized to fit in a regular single pattress, with a laser cut front

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Last update: August 22, 2020