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Legacy Door Control

Current Status - Became Madlab_Storage.

This project will enable a door to be unlocked from the outside using an RFID tag with a unique number on it, and be able to identify that person on a connected PC. The accepted tags will be stored on the Arduino (or compatible hardware). The system will eventually have the ability to edit the accepted cards from a connected PC, and have a log file that can be accessed over the internet to monitor comings and goings of users.

Project Aim

The aim of this project is to create a Door Control system that

  • is secure, simple and reliable
  • uses RFID cards and possibly an accompanying PIN code to open the door
  • will still work in the event of power failure, with a Battery backup.
    • Fail closed door Strikes also an option, so that it will need a key to unlock instead.
  • will run on an Arduino or compatible hardware
  • will communicate with a PC to log who is in the space at what time.
  • will still run without a PC, except for administration.

Project Members


The current idea for the hardware is to use

  • any Arduino or compatible hardware
  • an ID12 RFID Reader Module
  • several RFID Tag's
  • Several LED's or a screen to provide feedback for whats happening.
    • Starting with LED's due to lack of screen, plus keeps it simple.

Schematic & Breadboard

Using Fritzing, have quickly designed a schematic and breadboard layout for this circuit. It is only basic, using LED's instead of a screen or a lock mechanism.

This is the schematic.

This is the breadboard layout.


Version 0-1 Basic functionality with a switch and a random number generator. (This version is more of a proof of concept, and to teach me some of the required code to get this project to work.)

Version 0-2 Full RFID only functionality. This release allows the user to add tags to a DB, and remove them as needed (although with certain limitations...), and will unlock ONLY for those RFID tags in the Database.

Version 0-3 This version will extend the functionality to include a Keypad for inputting a Pin. For this, the DB functions will have to be re-written, aswell as several other functions to allow a seperate Pin for each RFID tag. (This'l teach me for defining things explicitly....) This release will (hopefully) also address the limitations of Version 0-2, with a De-frag function for the database, as well as a password for the menu system.

Database Testing the database function outside of the main program. Also working on a better menu system.

Future Upgrades

  • Add a screen for custom messages
  • Add bluetooth detector as secondary method for pin entry
  • Computer side interface for setting up different things
    • Add specific pins for events, so that directions can be shown to which floor the event is on.

Madlab Storage


Last update: August 22, 2020