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Board Election 2017

The 2017 Board Election has been called, and there are 3 available spaces from the stepping down of Ben Dooks, Chris Hilliard, and Kat Reave. There are six candidates standing, the election will run for two weeks from 00:01 on Tuesday 7th November until 23:59 on Monday 20th November. The election is performed using Meek STV, and you should have received an email from OpaVote as our agent for the election processing.

You may rank any number of candidates, along with the No Further Places(NFP) candidate, if NFP is elected, no more candidates will be elected to fill any remaining slots. You are not required to rank all candidates.


Every candidate was asked to provide a short hust limited to 512 characters, theses are displayed below. Candidates were also given the oppertunity to provide a photo, but as more than half declined, in the interest of fairness I have excluded them all.

Chris Ball

I am a longstanding member of the hackspace, and I have an adjacent workshop. I have always been enthusiastic about the hackspace community and it's ideals. I'm hoping that I can provide a good conduit for the community's wishes, while focusing on improved amenities and more varied consumables.

Chris Hilliard

Hi, I'm Chris, or badspyro on telegram. For the past two years, I've been one of your board members. I've been in charge of things like snackspace, consumeables, and have worked to stock things like laser materials and more for sale to members.

I want to continue to improve the facilities for the space and what is availible for members. Most of all, I hope to help keep the space up and running for a long time into the future.

Gregory Morris

As an active member and contributor to the space, I feel that there are some processes that are not as efficient or streamlined as I would like - new member on-boarding and training are good examples. I believe that, if elected to the board, I would be able to improve these processes, allowing people to get on with their projects instead of waiting for membership systems to update or having to ask around to find out who can provide training.

Conor Riches

Hey, I'm Conor and I'd like to be on the Hacman board. I want to actively get things done with the aim of enabling the community to be the best hackerspace possible for the members. I'm passionate about the space and community and want to see it thrive while retaining the friendly, accepting and welcoming nature that makes it so great.

Daniel Silverstone

I readily admit that I am not the most well versed in the full activity of the space, however should you elect me to the board, my aim will be to be as unobtrusive as possible in the role, while doing my best to facilitate the smooth running of the space. The scope of the role is reduced with the increase in the member teams, and the MMMM, and as such I may focus more toward my interests of policy and software. I believe I would be suited to help with the MCP and with Haccess as and when it comes ready.

Ross Stevenson

I am Ross, I joined the space about 4 months ago and instantly felt at home and feel that I would like to take on more responsibility within the space and help with "keeping the lights on" I think the way forward with the teams handling a lot of the work of running the space is a fantastic way to operate and would continue to champion this as a board member. I have over 10 years experience in strategic development of community groups including increasing funding streams, membership and volunteer managemen [Truncated at 512 characters]

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