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Board Election 2018

The 2018 Board Election has been called, and there are 3 available spaces from the stepping down of Bob Clough, Tamarisk Kay, and Conor Riches. There are three candidates standing, the election will run for two weeks from 00:01 on Monday 20th August until 23:59 on Sunday 2nd September. The election is performed using Meek STV, and you should have received an email from OpaVote as our agent for the election processing.

You may rank any number of candidates, along with the No Further Places(NFP) candidate, if NFP is elected, no more candidates will be elected to fill any remaining slots. You are not required to rank all candidates.


Every candidate was asked to provide a short hust limited to 1024 characters, these are displayed below.

Mike Bratt

My name is Mike Bratt, I live in Handforth.

I have over 24 years of experience in the IT world working with blue chip companies such as IBM and T-systems.

Whilst still I'm relatively new to the Maker movement, I am extremely passionate about it. Makerspaces, such as ours, are essential to the community, fostering creativity and giving opportunity to everyone irrespective of background or ability.

I'm keen to play a key role to help our Makerspace grow and develop.

Ellen Pearce

I have brought a lot to the hackspace but I would love this opportunity to bring a Ton more. I want to have more responsibility to the space and be able to help members in a greater variety of ways as well as introducing new people to what we have to offer. Anything form organizing events to dealing with issues (both minor and serious) is my cup of tea. Health and safety is also important to me so I often check that things in the space are done safely.

I have the time and the passion to dedicate to the hackspace, liaising with members, the board and also with Landlords/trades etc. I am jumping at the chance to be able to be of guidance to all members, both new and old while being the “professional face” of the hackspace. Often seen touring people, signing up memebrs, organizing events and promoting the hackspace as the community group and workshop that it is. I am often on Facebook, answering messages from newbies as well as offering my help on Telegram and taking the minutes for the monthly meetings.

Ross Stevenson

Hi I am Ross and that's Dashy and if elected I promise to bring her in more. Joking apart I wish to stand for election as having been part of the space for just over a year I feel like I can contribute more to the space through being an active board member.

In the last year I have been involved with most of the events that we have done including organising our attendance at makersfaire in Newcastle and inputting into the pcbee project that has allowed us to raise funds for the space alongside regularly topping up snackspace and I may of been the one responsible for the grass in slackspace and the appearance of the large format printer (need to keep me off eBay)

I am always keen to get involved and never shy away from a challenge

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