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This isn't an exhaustive list of rules. As with most shared spaces, rules are better explained than dictated, so please talk to people in the space if you're unsure what's OK, but please follow these two:

Breaking these rules can result in receiving a formal warning or being banned or suspended from the space.

Top Level Rules

Rule 0: Do Not Be On Fire

A hacker may not be on fire, cause a fellow hacker to be on fire, or through inaction allow a fellow hacker to be on fire.

This rule doesn't just cover fire, but all forms of safety. The space provides PPE such as goggles, breathing masks, and gloves for people to wear while doing dangerous things.


  • Don't use high-power lasers unless everyone who might get harmed is wearing goggles.
  • If you're hooking DIY things up to mains electricity, ask someone to look over your circuit before plugging it in, and use an RCD.
  • If you're cutting things with a dremel cutting disk, wear goggles! A shattering 3000rpm abrasive disk in your eyes is not a good time.

Rule 1: Be excellent to each other (follow the Code of Conduct)

A hacker should treat each and every other hacker with the respect we feel we deserve ourselves.

We want our Hackspace to be somewhere that people can enjoy making things in a safe, harassment free environment. Anybody who is in the Hackspace, attending an event as part of the Hackspace or is using any of the Hackspace communication channels (IRC, Mailing List or Telegram) is covered by the Code of Conduct.

Rule 2: Colour within the lines (follow the Storage Rules)

A hacker should keep their belongings safe and tidy so that other hackers are not inconvenienced or injured by them.


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Member's Storage Guidelines

Project Storage

The project storage area is available for members to store projects they are currently working on along with raw materials. We have limited space, so please consider if something needs to be in the space before storing it.

  • Each member is entitled to either a cube or half a shelf of storage in the project storage area.
  • Your items must be completely contained within in a clearly labelled box. The label should state your full name or unique nickname and a way of contacting you e.g. Telegram username or email address. Labels should be placed on all 4 sides of the box.

Stored Items Disposal

  • Any unlabelled items found in project storage will be put into the three-week boxes, starting in the “Box Of Shame”. If you do this please make sure you post a picture of the item on the mailing list at the same time.
  • Any oversized items left in project storage will be moved to large project storage.
  • Unlabelled large items in either of the storage areas will be moved to the ‘free stuff’ area, and may just vanish without warning!
  • Items in large project storage with an expired “Do Not Hack” label will be moved directly to the ‘free stuff’ area, and may just vanish without warning! (You may contact the board or the mailing list if you are unable to come in to to stop this happening.)
  • Occasional sweeps of members storage boxes will be performed for former member’s boxes. Anything found that belongs to a person whose membership has ended more than a week beforehand will be put into the three-week boxes, and their box reclaimed for general use.


Large Projects

  • If you’re going to take up a lot of space with a project you MUST ask on the forum to get consensus from the membership for permission to store your items. It may help if you also link the post in the telegram chat.
  • Oversized items must be stored in the large project storage area in the outer corridor NOT in members storage.
  • Oversized items need to be clearly labelled with a Do Not Hack sticker including your name / unique nickname, a method of contacting you and an estimated finish date. If you are going to overshoot this finish date, replace the Do Not Hack sticker with an updated estimate.

Things you MUST NOT store in the Hackspace

  • Dangerous / Flammable Chemicals.
  • Lithium batteries must be in a safe charging-bag Lithium charging bags are cheap.
  • Food.

Locking up the space

When leaving the space, particularly if you're the last one out, please look at the Lockup Procedure.

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Last update: August 22, 2020