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Legacy 44 Edge Street

About the Space

44 Edge Street was the first home of HAC:Man, and is located above Teacup, which is just 2 doors down from Madlab.

The space had several areas, including 2 workshops, the electronics workbench, and the main social table(s).

Access to the space was through the door on Edge Street, which has a big 44 above it, as well as our sign in the window above that.

Rules of the Space

  • Rule 0: Not Being On Fire
    • The most important rule of the space, this one, above any other rule, is adhered to. Anyone breaking this rule will be defenestrated (followed by a bucket of water).


Main Table

The main social table, taking up the largest area, is the central hub of the space. Most people set up their laptops and whatever project they are working on here. This area must be kept tidy

Chillout Area

aka. 'Chillax' zone

Computer Desk

Electronics Bench






Off Limit Areas

Due to the nature of the rental agreement, there are places in the space that are off limits to members, unless they have explicit permission.

Bio Lab

The Bio Lab, located under the windows, is not to be entered unless necessary, such as to open or close the windows, and to turn on or off the sign.


The Offices to the rear of the building (on the Thomas Street side) are owned and used by Madlab.

Fire Exit

This leads directly into an office next door, and so should ONLY be used in the case of the space breaking Rule 0 (see above). No access through this door at any time otherwise.


Last update: August 22, 2020