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The Keys!

There are 5 keys in a full set for #44:

  • Shutter Key
  • 2x Front Door Mortice Keys
  • 1x Front Door Cylinder key
  • 1x Space door key

Buying Keys

The sets currently cost £23/set, but we need to get keys made in sets of 2 to get this pricing.

  • The Shutter and Mortice Keys are bought from the locksmith int he arndale market for £33 / 2 sets (buy 1 set for £22, get 1 set half price)
  • The Front Door Key is bought from Central Locksmiths for £6.50 a key
    • Will double check to see how much a full set would cost from Central Locksmiths - they are generally better.

Any member can become a keyholder. Keys must be returned to a board member if the keyholder stops being a member.


Wave 1

  • Bob
  • Alex

Wave 2

  • Kat
  • Tom
  • Baz

Future Waves

Wave 3

  • Add yourself here
  • Add yourself here
  • Add yourself here


Last update: August 22, 2020