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Meeting Notes 2010 03 10

Pictures of the evening can be found here'


Julz (for a short while), Sam (from Geek Girl), Paul, Bob, Tom, Jon, Andrew, Jim, Guy, Asa, Simon.

What happened

Short Talk by Julz about the 'OSH Collaborative Development', extra input by Tom, Bob, Jim, Jon. Add extra comments

Jon mentioned about Open Data Manchester, a group looking to analyse and display data from the new site as well as other information sites, and see what can be brought from them.

Split off into own projects, including a

  • 'tin can' telephone system (Guy)
  • Campfire Manager - not a real fire! (Jon)
  • 3 Phase power supply using Arduino (Andrew)
  • Hacking things apart (Tom)
  • Spotify Hackery (Asa)
  • More Hackeryness (Bob)
  • Some Arduino (mega) starter stuff (Simon)

And there was Pizza somewhere along the way!

Also, to all you programmers out there:

= assigns a value

== compares it!

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