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Meeting Notes 2011 03 30

Meeting Planning

To Discuss/Work On

  • Under stairs storage - Check if electric strike fits mortice, create power board for strike
  • Mame Machine - quick freeplay button/mode. Also look at new RFID credit system
  • Project-a-sketch - assemble

Main Meeting


Bob, Alex, Tom, Bruce (new arrival), Paul (Tallscreen), Lois


Anything major discussed? put here, including comments and from who

  • H2audiO - Need to test that it will actually work


Who was working on what? pictures and comments welcome!

  • Tallscreen
    • Fixed a batten in the cupboard under the stairs to attach a light-fitting to, and drilled hole for the cable.
    • Donated some new USB cables and component storage boxes.
    • Read a Wired article about absinthe!
  • parag0n
    • Breadboarded darlington + relay output circuit for RFID system
    • Brought electric strike
    • With TBSliver, modified strike to work with cupboard's mortice lock
    • Drank club mate cola

Comments and other notes

Dumbass Awards:

  • Alex - x3
  • Tom - x2

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