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Meeting Notes 2011 04 06

Meeting Planning

To Discuss/Work On

  • Look at Rolling Olly and determine how to do pan/tilt on the head, and control from arduino.
  • Build 3x drawdio kits, try and work out how to hook them up to an amp and change the pitch.

Main Meeting


  • Alex
  • Bob
  • Tom
  • Ben

+ 3 others

Discussions & Projects

LED Matrix, finishing off rfid system, power supply adaptor, fixing laser regulator

Comments and other notes

Bobs Best Buys

This week, Bob bought:

  • £12 work of kite parts Quadcopter
  • £40 worth of propellers & batteries Quadcopter
  • some plastic troughs H2audiO
  • Bluetooth serial ports (2 for £10) Bigtrakdroid
  • £30 LED for projector conversion
  • AVR Programmers

This section brought to you by eBay, The Pound Shop, dealextreme, HobbyKing and other affiliated shops that Bob likes

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