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Scheduled for: Saturday 23rd of March 2013

What needs doing?

Before pack the space day

  • If possible, all personal belongings / boxes should be removed from the space. This decreases the amount of stuff we need to move, and decreases the possibility of something getting lost along the way.
  • The acrylic boxes in the entryway need breaking down into sheets suitable for the laser cutter. Bob has some circular saw dremel bits which should work nicely for this. Done 19th March - Bob
  • Collect cardboard boxes for packing. Done 17th March - Kimball & Steph have lent us about 40 moving boxes
  • Remove boxes of e-waste and bags of rubbish from the space.

On the day

  • pack as much rarely used equipment as possible into boxes, label and prepare for moving.
  • disconnect units of great wall of storage
  • Remove internal RFID reader and fill hole
  • Remove geocache sticker

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