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Request Letter for asking for discounts on new kit

An idea is to use something like this when asking for discounts or freebies from companies

Letter Content


I represent Manchester Hackspace, a community 'Makerspace' or 'Hackerspace' which essentially functions like a shared community workshop/workspace allowing people who lack the space to make things, or don't have the tools at home, can come along, join our community and share our tools.

We're currently interested in purchasing a new . I was wondering if it would be possible to source any discounts in relation to the above.

We started as a small group of members located within the Stockport area, but have grown rapidly and are now located within the central area of Manchester. with approx 70 members. In the future we are planning to move to a larger area some time next year.

Governance **<TODO Change this to blarrb associated with Manchester, we are not a CIC> ** We are a registered UK Community Interest Company, meaning that all donations are immediately 'locked' in Trust for the community served, and cannot be sold/stripped out of the company. We have 4 directors and an advisory board which includes member of the Leigh Spinners Mill Redevelopment Team and are decisions are made democratically by our 65-person strong community. We are non-profit and all time is voluntarily donated.

What We Need: We are approaching a range of enterprises such as yourselves, to ask for support for our important community. There are a variety of ways that organisations can contribute, depending on their size, financial resources, and degree to which they would like to be involved: Donations of small tools, fixings, materials, storage equipment, PPE, unsorted items, etc for members' use. (list available on request of what kind of things we would need) Reciprocal arrangements such as a 'Hackspace Member's Discount' in return for some brand advertising and our gratitude. Financial donations of any size are also welcome!

What You Get: <TODO Check we can do the below, roles responsibilities etc> Apart from the satisfaction of helping our tiny grassroots organisation to develop, you are helping fellow makers. We will show our gratitude by ensuring are credited on our Facebook Group and Twitter account, mentioned in Local press when the Hackspace is featured, and we can also display your branding on our Supporter's Wall in the shop, along with details of the donation.

Many thanks, Bob the builder Director & Founder & keeper of the laser keys Manchester Hackspace


Last update: August 22, 2020