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Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are a frequent requirement for events and for insurance purposes - when you complete a risk assessment, please use this data, or update it if needed (if there is a new piece of equipment for example).

Events Risk Assessments

Here are some example risk assessments done for items within the hackspace. These could be useful for Maker events, public events, or even when hiring out equipment.


People Involved

Type of Hazard

Existing Risk-control measures |+

Project a Sketch

Members of the public

  1. Trip Hazard on legs, they stick out about 30cm from body of exhibit
  2. Low Voltage Electrical
  1. The feet are painted red, which should be noticeable.
  2. Items and Mains PSU PAT Testing Required



Members of the public

Low Voltage Electrical Items and Mains PSU

Items and Mains PSU PAT Testing Required |+

Robot Torso

Members of the public

  1. Doesn’t have sensors to detect people in the way, so could bump into people.
  2. Low Voltage Electrical Items and Mains PSU
  1. We will set up an 'exclusion zone', or if not possible only power hand part.
  2. PAT Testing Required


Model Railway

Members of the public

Low Voltage Electrical Items and Mains PSU

PAT Testing Required |+

Giant MIDI Monome

Members of the public

  1. Large Item
  2. Low Voltage Electrical Items and Mains PSU
  1. Will ensure is on stable base
  2. PAT Testing Required


Card Crafting

Members of HacMan

Craft knife blades and glue

Members have been trained in use, no members of the public are to take part in this activity. |+

LED Sign

Members of the public

Mains Powered

PAT Testing Required |+

Misc low Voltage Games and items

Members of the public

Some powered via low voltage PSU

PAT Testing Required where appropriate |+

Short Throw Projector


Mains powered

PAT Testing Required |+

Giant Trackball

Members of the public

  1. Low voltage wiring
  2. Bowling ball
  1. Low voltage wiring will be protected, but is unlikely to cause harm regardless
  2. We will ensure the giant mouse is attended at all times and will not allow members of the public to remove the ball from it's stand as they might drop it.



Members of the public

  1. Parts can come loose if lifted or moved
  2. Ends of the legs can be sharp
  1. Members of the public will be prevented from lifting or moving the Mama Bug
  2. The bottom of the feet are inaccessible if resting on a flat surface, and not lifted up


Mini Bugs

Members of the public

Small parts, with some vaguely sharp edges

Children will have to have parental, guardian, or responsible adult supervision to take part in this activity |+

Big Gear Clock

Members of the public

Large item that can be unsteady

Interaction takes the form of 'tweeting', meaning there needs be no physical interaction between the members of the public and the clock. Since this is the case, we can move the clock behind the table, or into a safer position, minimising the risk to the public |+


Other hackspaces

  1. Large item, with moving parts
  2. Mains powered
  1. Members of the public will not be interacting with the sculpture, and as such, can be kept a safe distance away
  2. PAT Testing Required

Completed Risk Assessments

20/07/2015 Manchester MakeFest 2015 Risk Assessment

Equipment Risk Assessments

Equipment risk assessments can be found on the pages for each piece of equipment, and are linked to below.

MendelMax 3D Printer

Mendel90 3D Printer

Laser Cutter (Blue)



Myford ML7 Lathe

Bench Sander

Bench Grinder

Risk Assessments To-Do

Pillar Drills

Table Saw

Chop Saw

Scroll Saw

MIG Welder

Arc Welder

Etch Tank

Sewing Machines

Soldering Irons

Solder Station


Power Plainer


Nailguns (air powered)

Nibbler (air powered)

Spot blaster (air powered)

Spray painter (air powered)

Power drills

Hand-held electric sander



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