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The Board

Hacman has a board of directors, who ensure that the space can continue to exist. They're primarily there to do paperwork, handle legal issues such as making sure rent and bills get paid, and deal with personal member stuff such as signups, direct debits, and bans.

Hackerspaces traditionally have very flat hierarchies, and Hacman is no exception - the board is not here to tidy or fix things in the space, make important decisions, or induct new members. These things are everyone's job


The board are selected every year by an election, with all members in good standing able to vote. This is held roughly once a year at the AGM, which at the moment tends to be held towards the end of the year.

At each election, a third of the board retire by rotation. There are presently 5 directors, but this number could change in the future if the space grew (and the membership agreed to accordingly amend the constitution)

The board

The board is currently formed of:

  • Ellen (@CrazyBunnyLady)
  • Chris (@badspyro)
  • Ross (@Rossy1987)
  • Greg (@gregmorris)
  • Mike (@mikebratt)

Contacting The Board

All Board members can be contacted by emailing If you do not wish to email the whole board, individual board members can be contacted via Individuals can also be messaged on Telegram using their @usernames above.

Last update: August 22, 2020