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We try to keep a number of items in stock that people may find useful - if we run low, or are missing something hackspace members will find useful, please contact Team Procurement.


Laser Materials

Sourced from Kitronik

A4 clear acrylic £3.50 Order Code 4720
A4 laser plywood £1 Order Code 3207
600x400mm laser safe MDF £2.50 Order Code 3211
600x400 laser plywood - Poplar (lighter weight) £4 Order Code 3209
600x400 laser plywood - Birch (Heavier weight) £4.50 Order Code 3201


PCB Jumper Bags £2
RS232 TTL Bluetooth Module Plug-in £5
Breadboard £2.50
Breadboard Power Supply Module £1
Real time clock module £1
Strip/Veroboard £3
Arduino Uno £5
Arduino 9v battery cable £1


Sugaru £1

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Last update: August 22, 2020