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Wellington House

Our space is at Wellington House on Pollard Street East (map). This is our third location, into which we moved in April 2016. It's always evolving - we currently have separate rooms for woody/dusty work and for metalwork; as well as a social area, electronics area, craft corner, and chillax zone.

Wellington House is open 24/7 for all members! unframed


Access to Wellington House is controlled by A.L.FR.E.D. You'll need an RFID tag / fob / card to get in - if you haven't got one (e.g. a bus ticket smartcard or building access prox card) you can buy a keyring token from us for £2. To set a tag up, you'll need to come when someone else is there to let you in - open evenings are a good bet.

Getting Here


The nearest tram stop is Holt Town, from which Hacman is a 300m uphill walk.

Walk from the platform towards the traffic lights, and turn right at the derelict pub ("The Mitchell Arms") onto Beswick Street. Carry on walking past some small shops and turn right into Pollard Street East after the end of the palisade fencing. The entrance to Hacman is a blue door on your left.


Piccadilly station is about a mile away. There are trams from Piccadilly and Victoria stations to Holt Town.


All buses from Piccadilly Gardens (stop D), other than fabled buses on mythical route 82, stop near Hacman.

Buses on routes 216, 231, and 237 stop beside Holt Town tram stop.

Buses on routes 74, 76, 76A, and 217 stop on Bradford Road, from which Hacman is a 350m downhill walk. From the bus stop walk to the traffic lights, turn left onto Beswick Street, and take the first left onto Pollard Street East. The entrance to Hacman is a blue door on your left.


There is very limited parking on site.

Parking on street is plentiful, but is limited to permit holders only on days when there is an event at the Etihad.

Be aware that if Manchester City are playing at home, traffic will be worse and parking will be less available. Beswick Street is often closed at the Ashton New Road end during football matches. hacmap.png

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Last update: August 22, 2020