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Electric Screwdrivers

The electric screwdrivers we have in the space, while numerous, are all shit. They all have either screwed up gearboxes, broken batteries, or such a huge self discharge that the batteries are always completely flat. The chargers for them are also ancient, so they use a lot of electricity when not charging.

I'd like to look at buying a couple of nice, new, lithium battery powered electric screwdrivers.


At home I have a set of Ryobi One+ tools, which are great. They last forever, have good torque right to the end of the battery, and aren't too expensive for the power. I used them last year to build all the grey tables in the current space, and they're still going strong now. The batteries are compatible across the whole range of tools, so we could get an Impact Screwdriver, Nail Gun or Chainsaw Lance at a later date and use the same batteries.

This pledge is to buy 2 of these packs from B&Q, giving us: 2x Hammer Drill / Screwdriver Bodies 4x Lithium One+ batteries 2x One+ Chargers

And allowing us to dispose of all the rubbish existing screwdrivers.

Pledge Target £200.00

Bob Clough           £20  PAID - Bank Transfer Tony Goacher         £10  PAID - Bank transfer....though because my bank is crap reference is HOTAIR! Ben Dooks            £10  PAID - Cash Barry Carter         £20 Alex Lang            £20 Will Jessop          £20  PAID - Cash Harvinder Atwal      £20  PAID - Bank Transfer Tamarisk Kay         £20  PAID - Bank Transfer Simon Frome-Guernsey £20  PAID - Cash Kimball Johnson      £40

Running Total £200

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Last update: August 13, 2020