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Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The sewing machine we have, while now functioning, as a non-branded model with no parts support, a relatively light-weight motor, and no features to speak of other than a handful of stitches. It's also more difficult than most to put the bobbin in the under-side.

I therefore suggest we look at getting a more robust model that has more features, a good warranty, ease of use, and can sew through thicker material.

I suggest a Heavy Duty Singer machine, which the manuals state have many of these features - the 4432 seems to be the best, having a higher number of stitches for a similar price to the 4423, however it would need to be imported from Europe. This still, however, puts it at a lower price than the 4423 from UK stockists.


Singer 4432 page

We should be able to pick one up, new, on ebay for around £210-£220 from Europe (Germany or Italy by the looks of things) meaning that we shouldn't have to pay any import duties. Which is nice. However we will need to grab an EU-UK converter in the immediate future, and later a replacement cable and foot control.

Pledge Target £145

  • Chris £50 paid
  • Bob £20 paid
  • Ben £20 (paid Badspyro directly)
  • Jake £10 paid
  • Alex £10 paid

Running Total £145 - ORDERED

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Last update: August 13, 2020