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Infrared Heater

Let's get hot!

Update! Things got really cold really fast. We realised we would need a "Far IR" solution which is more expensive at roughly two hundred pounds.

Therefore we replaced our 1.5kw heater with a new 2.5kw one using this pledge.

Thank you those involved.

  • The oil filled radiator is on its last wheels.
    • Oil filled radiator isn't cutting it, can be knocked over/plugged in anywhere
    • Circuit issue remains, extension reels aren't a good solution.
    • Why not use infrared lamps??
    • Benefits are vast:
      • Safe - high up out of reach, away from flammable things, can't fall over/be kicked
      • Dedicated circuit - that can't have other stuff plugged in so no melty moments
      • Heats people and things, not air
      • Can be mounted from ceiling or pillars for good coverage
      • Timer switch for instant heat that doesn't stay on all night or risk being left on
      • With them in place we can forbid plugging in of any heaters!



Name Amount
cone £20
egg £20
rossy £20
Total £60

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Last update: August 13, 2020