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A fair few of our members are now either working on projects with surface mount components or looking at them in the future. With smaller components, it can get more difficult to see exactly what you're soldering, and in turn, far harder to solder up projects. Industrially this is solved with a solid binocular microscope.

The binocular bit is important as it gives depth of field to your vision while working in its view, allowing you to naturally gauge how far your tools are from your workpiece.

Recently the Strange Parts youtube channel did a video on his microscope, and has managed to get the seller to start selling them on Aliexpress.

This model is technically trinocular, and uses the third output for a 1080p camera. It also has a dimmable LED ring light, and looks to be a nice piece of equipment.

Cost breakdown: Price £223.21 Shipping £37.24 VAT £52.09 Total - 312.54

I've added a buffer as Royal Mail or whoever else ships it to our door will take a 'processing fee' on top, so we're aiming for £325.

Pledge Target £325

Richard - £30

Running Total £30

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Last update: August 13, 2020